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What is IoT:

IoT domains:

It could be anywhere – industrial, medical, automotive, consumer, health monitoring etc.

What does this mean to us:

IoT is basically to allow user to control and monitor anything everything he / she wants to.

In the morning you are on a walk or jogging, the pedometer device fitted in your shoes can communicate the calories burnt to your smartphone. After that while talking shower you can change music track running on your smart phone or music system. Tooth brush habits can also be seen over smartphone for health monitoring. One can turn on / off lights of room using smart phone. Basically, anything and everything is at fingertip now.

Why BLE:

BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy; this power efficient technology makes it perfect to be used in devices that run over tiny batteries for longer duration – from couple of days to months.

BLE devices to communicate with:

BLE devices can be wirelessly interfaced to any smart phones, tablets, laptops that supports Bluetooth host.

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Why Maven

Maven offers easy BLE interface to various sensors over easy to use serial interfaces like UART or SPI. Maven has worked extensively on Bluetooth chipsets from most of the semiconductor companies; the new one in line is Texas Instrument’s CC26xx. Maven is one of the few initiators to test and verify CC26xx chipset for BLE communication and low power consumption.

The wearable device designed across CC26xx can run for days over simple coin cell of size 20mm with data packets sent every 5 sec or so to the host device like Android and iPhone smartphones . The solution works on 2.4 GHz standard license free ISM frequency.

With the output power of 5dBm in C26xx; the wireless coverage of the device is more than 20 meters with few obstacle, allowing the user to move around with the sensor device placed at one corner of house.

With IoT, user can interface Maven’s BLE solution in various domains like:

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Industrial application Medical Devices Home automation Other application
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