M2M - Hardware and software development services

Technology offerings:
  1. Hardware development
  2. BSP / embedded application development
  3. Cloud application development
  4. Smartphone application development

M2M communication was never easy!

M2M is one of the fastest growing markets as millions of devices across the globe are waiting to be monitored remotely! Benefits of M2M are enormous and hence even the world's biggest business houses want their presence felt in this crowded market. There are many small players as well. However, there are different type of problems with both of these providers:

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Maven leads the way using wireless technologies and cloud connectivity!

Maven Systems has vast experience in developing M2M solutions and has delivered end-to-end applications in record time. Be it industrial controls, sophisticated machines, heavy equipment, HVAC controls, vehicles, electricity / water / gas meters or even home appliances, Maven has delivered M2M solutions by taking responsibility of one of more of hardware design, embedded development, cloud connectivity and smartphone accessibility!

Maven's M2M and IoT platform provides you with components like field data integration and application development service based on cloud-based architecture. We provide you secure and scalable solutions and flexible APIs support so that you can quickly build and deliver custom IoT applications to suit your needs. You can further add business analytics and intelligence by processing the IoT data into your key enterprise applications and systems.

Maven has built a strong M2M / IoT ecosystem that covers:

Essentially this is why you should look at Maven Systems:

Maven Systems offers you design services to meet challenges of M2M / IoT solution development. With vast knowledge and experience in product engineering, we serve all your technology needs. Right from rapid prototyping to PoC to taking it to production. We, thus, offer you technical as well as domain assistance!

Subsequent sections will give you an overview of our offerings!

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Technology offerings

Hardware development services

Maven has experience in hardware design development for developing machine connectivity devices. Maven has delivered over 50 different hardware designs, bulk of them in the M2M domain.

Maven's M2M devices can communicate to machines using any of the following types interfaces:

Once the data is collected it is sent to data concentrator units using one of the following interfaces:

Data concentrator units then send data to cloud server using following types of networks:

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BSP / firmware / device drivers / operating system development services

Maven has delivered several embedded solutions based on firmware and operating systems. Maven offers you a solid board support package (BSP) that you can use for developing your M2M solutions. Developing drivers that are fast and reliable is the key and Maven offers you following services:

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Embedded development services

Maven has expertise in delivering real-time applications with guaranteed QoS. Along with support for various protocols, the key aspect here is data integrity and ensuring data is not lost even when connection with server fails. Also, it is extremely important for M2M applications to have support for over-the-air firmware upgrade and remote configuration update. Essentially what you get is:

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Cloud application development services

Maven provides you with cloud application development services to swiftly develop and deploy M2M applications needing 24x7 connectivity. We have already developed cloud applications for smart metering, street lighting, logistics, equipment monitoring, home automation, HVAC controllers, industrial appliances, and so on. With cloud applications hosted on servers like Amazon, we ensure reliability. What you get is:

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Smartphone application development services

We at Maven understand the importance of smartphone applications and provide you with simple but user friendly smartphone applications to give you on-the-go connectivity. We understand that you need to check specific information on the small screens and provide you with information that is just enough for you to remain connected with your on-field equipment, that is instant alerts and high level summary information.

So, when it comes to smartphone development you can bank on us for following:

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Domain expertise

Domain knowledge coupled with technical expertise, ensures that the products shape up to the desired quality and in lesser number of iterations. Be it logistics, energy, construction equipment or any other type of remote monitoring, Maven has a team of subject matter experts to understand unspoken and implicit requirements. We make sure that the time between proof-of-concept to production is minimized by taking care of end user needs and usability scenarios right from day one!

Logistics / transportation / equipment monitoring

Mining, transportation and construction are important industries with extensive use of trucks, buses and heavy equipment like excavators, loaders, cranes, dump trucks, diesel generators etc. for their operations. In M2M industry this is the most critical domain where the return on investment is quick and exponential. This is because cost of fuel has always been a matter of concern due to pilferages. We understand the problems these transportation, construction, infrastructure and mining companies face and deliver an effective fuel monitoring solution to them.

Other big problems are improper usage / underutilization and misuse of equipment. By not using the equipment or trucks to the optimal efficiency, fleet owners lose out on thousands of liters of fuel every year. We understand how such equipment can be effectively used so that operational losses are minimized. Along with equipment productivity other important parameter that needs to be monitored remotely is operator productivity. Essentially, Maven provides value-added services for accurately monitoring fuel consumption, equipment efficiency and operator productivity. What's important is all this is available remotely on a cloud connected platform and smartphones as well!

Maven has not only supplied its telematics devices to end customers across the globe - but also a top engine and equipment manufacturer Read more about our offerings to construction, infrastructure and mining industry

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Smart metering

Maven's smart metering solution is based on ZigBee Smart Energy profile. An alternate solution works at Sub-1 GHz frequency and supports a self-forming, self-healing mesh protocol SmarttMesh. SmarttMesh is specifically designed for 100% automatic meter data collection using Internet / GPRS enabled data concentrator units and cloud servers. We have also developed hand-held based units (HHU or CMRI - Common Meter Reading Instruments) for data collection solutions.

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Maven Systems has extensive experience and expertise to provide solution for in-the-vehicle electronics and firmware. With "Connected Cars" on the horizon, automotive industry is moving towards a integration of ECMs with robust and reliable connectivity hardware. End user touch points such as smartphones and touch screen Android / Linux based operating systems, and connectivity with smart phones. In addition the aim is at optional Internet connectivity, GPS navigation, media player integration, vehicle internal parameters monitoring, timely reminders for servicing / oil change and so on.

Maven has hands-on developing in-car infotainment applications (both hardware and software) considering design considerations related to safety and reliability of the electronics. Maven has also delivered solutions using CANbus which have advanced engine control units.

Maven has already delivered solutions for OEMs in automotive segment and these high-tech solutions have been highly appreciated. With Google, Microsoft, GENIVI and Apple - all trying to get dominance in this space, Maven's development capabilities, a unique blend of hardware and software expertise, will prove to be pivotal for your business.

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Maven Systems has deep expertise in providing M2M solutions for industrial automation. Be it data loggers or industrial controllers (like HVAC controllers, precision equipment or PLC controller) we can connect just about anything. Be it old legacy systems or microcontroller enabled solutions with RS232 / RS485 / CANBus / LonWorks / BACnet, Maven's data collections modules can fetch data from any type of equipment and send it to cloud servers for further processing.

Collecting data from multiple modules and consolidating it on a data concentrator units / gateways can be seamlessly done over wired and wireless networks. From the gateways, data is then transferred to cloud servers which are responsible for analytics / alarm generation and so on. Finally data is available to end users on browsers and smartphones.

Ready-to-use solutions

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Data acquisition modules

Collecting data accurately from raw and digital signals is the very first and an extremely important step for M2M communication. Maven has understood this aspect very well and has developed expertise to collect data from various interfaces like:

Wireless communication modules

ZigBee / BLE / RF / Wi-Fi can be used for various applications from smart metering, asset monitoring, home / industrial automation. For example:

Key technologies include:

Gateways / Data Concentrator Units (DCUs)

Maven provides GPRS / 3G / Ethernet based gateways for enabling cloud communication of field modules with remotely hosted servers. Combination of local network + single gateway reduces your recurring costs in terms of monthly data usage charges. Key highlights include:

Cloud applications

Maven provides you with could services to swiftly develop and deploy applications needing 24x7 connectivity. Maven provides you with a one-stop-shop with experience right from developing cloud applications, to deployment to support. Our core is developing M2M connectivity applications. We have already developed cloud applications for smart metering, logistics, equipment monitoring, home automation, HVAC controllers, industrial appliances, and so on. Our experience is just not limited to IoT applications but we have also delivered applications in the arena of social networking and e-commerce.

You can use components of our cloud platforms for various applications like:

Smart phone applications

We provide you with simple but user friendly smartphone applications to give you instant connectivity. We understand what you need to check on the small screens and provide you with information that is just enough for you to remain connected with your on-field equipment, and that is instant alerts and high level summary information.

So, when it comes to smartphone development you can bank on us for following:

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